Your Team

At Nexus our customers are central to everything that we do. Every department in our business works closely with you to ensure your business telecommunications are managed professionally; helping increase productivity and allowing you to concentrate on your own business interests.

Your Sales Team

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Your Nexus Sales Team

With Nexus you will be provided with a designated account manager. Your account manager will contact you every three months to ensure you are on the best possible plans for your business at all times and to advise you of any new technologies that may benefit your business and help increase productivity.


Your Provisioning Team

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Your Nexus Provisioning Team

Our provisioning team is responsible for processing your orders quickly and accurately for any new or existing services, while keeping you updated throughout.

We understand that the ability to communicate with your customers is essential and recognise the importance of all orders being carried out in a timely and professional manner.

Your Finance Team

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Your Nexus Finance Team

The finance team at Nexus ensures your monthly bills go out on time every month and are easy for you to understand, so that you don’t have to spend hours checking them.

We can assign user names to each of your numbers, break your bill down into cost centres and offer various other items to tailor your bill to your personal requirements.

Your Customer Care Team

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Your Nexus Customer Care Team

Our Customer Care team is your first point of contact for any day-to-day issues you want looking into. We aim to answer all of your calls within 3 rings and don’t operate a call centre environment, to ensure you are always dealing with the same people every time.

In addition to this, we publish our Customer Care statistics each month on our web site to show how we are performing against the targets we have set ourselves for looking after our customers.