Fibre leased lines

A leased line is a dedicated, fixed-bandwidth, symmetric data connection exclusive to your business.

If you have more than one office, Nexus can link two or more locations together by creating your businesses own private network, allowing data to be shared quickly and securely as if you were in the same office.

Leased lines are symmetric, which means you can upload data at the same fast speed as you can download it.

What are fibre leased lines?

They provide end-to-end circuit internet access which is high speed, uncontended and has a full duplex symmetrical bandwidth solution.

Using leased lines reduces overheads, increasing throughput and reliability.

The benefits

  • Uncontended connection is delivered over fibre and the connection isn’t shared.
  • High service levels through connections dedicated to each of your sites guarantees high speeds.
  • Superfast speeds that never fall means sending data is hassle-free.
  • It provides the fastest and best quality internet connectivity available in the UK.
  • It is perfect for voice and data connectivity.
  • Offers bandwidths from 2Mb – 10Gb.
  • Provides guaranteed performance with SLA.
  • Offers highly-reliable and resilient connections.
“After we learned about the benefits of VoIP from Nexus, we knew that it would help our business to operate more efficiently, and we haven’t been disappointed.”
Dave Jarvis, Albion Bathrooms
“We’ve worked with Nexus for over six years and they have helped us to substantially lower the amount we are spending on our calls and lines each month. Nexus supply us with six analogue lines and we would definitely recommend the service we receive from them to other businesses.
Graeme McMurchy, Campbeltown Motor Company
“Working with a knowledgeable account manager who proactively approaches us with the best deals on the market is a huge bonus to us as a charity. Our account manager is excellent at communicating with us and ensures we are always benefitting from the right services for our business.
Paul Daynes, Norwich Mind
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