Charity Sector

St Wilfrid’s Hospice

“We are pleased with the service we receive from Nexus here at St Wilfrid’s Hospice, Chichester. Our key account manager and the mobile team regularly go above and beyond our expectations, helping us to save money and looking for new ways to improve our mobile connectivity.

“If we ask Nexus for something, we are confident that it will be delivered and quickly.

“As a Hospice, it is very important that we are careful with our spending and, through Nexus, we are confident that we are always benefitting from the best value contracts for our mobile phones.”

Laurence Duffell, St Wilfrid’s Hospice

Harlington Hospice

“We have always enjoyed a brilliant service from the team at Nexus; they are always really friendly and helpful and have an extensive knowledge of the products and services that they work with.

“Through their recommendations we have made significant cost savings on our business mobile line rental and they are proactive in coming to us when new offers are available which can save us even more money, something which is essential for our business.

“Working with an account manager means we always know who to contact with queries about our rental or bills, and after working with Nexus for over five years we would definitely recommend them.”

Debra White, Harlington Hospice

St James Centre

“As a charity based in the heart of our community in Derby it is really important to us that we are careful with our finances and budget planning for the future.

“Working with Nexus has enabled us to make a short-term investment in new phone systems and IP lines which will help us to benefit from significant cost savings in the future.

“The service we received from our account manager in installing our new systems has been excellent; he has helped to quickly resolve any issues we have had and ensured we got up and running with our new systems with no disruption to our operations. Everything is flowing really well for us now with our IP lines and we would not hesitate to recommend Nexus to other companies like ours.”

Paul Flint, St James Centre

The Sussex Association for Spina Bifida & Hydrocephalus (SASBAH)

“We have been working with Nexus for around 10 years because they were, and continue to, be able to offer us the best possible deals on our mobile phones.

“Our account manager is really good at keeping in touch with us and renegotiating the best deals he can, something which is essential when you work for a charity like ours. The cost savings we have benefitted from over the past 10 years have been significant and we would definitely recommend the services of Nexus to other charities.

“Nexus combine excellent customer service with the best deals on the market, so it is win-win for us.”

Rom Sanglaji, The Sussex Association for Spina Bifida & Hydrocephalus (SASBAH)


“Working with Nexus is ideal for us because it is a one-stop shop for our mobile telecommunications needs. Our personal account manager sorts out everything for us, saving us the hassle of dealing with multiple networks.

“This is much more convenient for us as a busy charity and serves the added bonus of us benefitting from cheaper monthly bills for our business mobiles.”

Tom Robson, LASS

Norwich Mind

“Working with a knowledgeable account manager who proactively approaches us with the best deals on the market is a huge bonus to us as a charity. Our account manager is excellent at communicating with us and ensures we are always benefitting from the right services for our business.

“We have over 20 mobiles with Nexus and it is really simple to keep up-to-date with how much they are costing us each month with the one-bill service.”

Paul Daynes, Norwich Mind

Bridgestowe Project

“Cost savings are a key consideration for us as a charity and it is really reassuring to know that Nexus help us to secure the best contracts possible. Whenever we mention what we are paying for our business mobile phone contracts to other people, they agree that we are paying the lowest call and line rental on the market.

“We are also hoping that the recently installed VoIP system, recommended to us by Nexus, will help us to achieve further cost savings.

“We enjoy working with the team at Nexus because not only are they extremely knowledgeable about the products and services they offer, they are also really responsive and approachable.”

Polly Theedom, Bridgestowe Project

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